Manufacturing capabilities

Manufacturing capabilities

All production facilities of ZAO «Trust №88» are located with the territory of Nizhniy Tagil (Dzerdzhinskiy administrative district/ward).

Our process and design engineers have gained an impressive experience of engineering solutions for improved manufacturing processes and flexibility of their implementation should the template solutions be challenged.

In-house production: Concrete and mortar plant; concrete work and prefab reinforced concrete plant (output 250 cub. m of concrete per a shift). Fixed-site production, tight raw material quality control as well as a strict observance of technology ensure high quality of products in compliance with the requirements of industrial and civil construction engineering.

Metal fabrication plant (total area of 3,456 sq.m) is equipped with bridge cranes, workshops and all equipment and machinery required. Plant’s machinery enables manufacturing of quality products from all types of high alloy steel.

Construction technology laboratory offers quality mechanical testing of materials and welded joints as well as incoming inspection of raw materials and final products.

A furnishing depot of ZAO «Trust №88» is equipped with rail and motor access roads for storing and prompt delivery of materials to facilities under construction.

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