Mechanical operations

Sufficient mechanical equipment of «Trust 88» ensures high mechanical availability, mobility and zero accident rate of performance. All vehicles have navigation instruments and drivers are top skilled.

Mechanical operations of ZAO «Trust №88» have about a 100 machines. They include ditching, cargo lifting, both Russian and foreign road construction machines:

  • truck mixers
  • motor graders
  • excavators (including those with hydraulic hammer)
  • мobile cranes (capacity up to 32 mt)
  • аir driven construction cranes
  • installation and construction diesel-powered cranes
  • dump trucks on KAMAZ frame (capacity up to 20 mt)
  • rock drilling machine
  • lift trucks
  • bulldozers
  • haulers for relocation of heavy-duty and specialty equipment
  • hydraulic lift trucks
  • haulers for long length cargos
  • tower cranes КБ-403, КБ-408
  • trailers (12 m)
  • reinforced concrete slab trucks

Mechanical operations includes a crane maintenance group which is a special unit organized for routine and urgent maintenance of crane mechanisms. Installation and assembling of craneways and tracks is performed under our own steam in compliance with existing standards.